Look at what our customers think

When considering whether the INTAKS system might be suitable for you and your needs, we encourage you to consider what our customers have experienced.

A system that sets us up as a go-to company for jobs that require a bit of imagination

“Here at Hi-Top Scaffolding we are constantly finding new and exciting applications for the INTAKS system. Whether it be large commercial edge protection jobs or shore loading for retaining walls we can come up with a cost effective, safe and strong solution for our customers.

Our team loves working with the gear as it’s lighter than traditional steel systems, which means they have more energy to mow the lawns or play with the kids at the end of the day.

I’m stoked we are now a go to company for jobs that require a bit of imagination and the INTAKS system has put us there. Thanks INTAKS for keeping up the good work.”

David Thornton

Hi-Top Scaffolding Limited


Commercial roofing experts love the safety of INTAKS scaffolding

“As a commercial roofing company, safety is paramount for us. We researched several scaffolding systems before deciding on INTAKS. Although it’s slightly more expensive, it’s a thoroughly tested and certified scaffolding and roof edge protection system, which we know we can trust.

INTAKS scaffolding has proven itself to be versatile and adaptable for all types of situations – and it’s quick and easy to put up and down. We also like the fact that INTAKS is a local company and their scaffolding is New Zealand designed and made.

The guys at INTAKS are super-responsive if we need support. They’ve even come out to our site on occasions to give us advice.”

Deborah Harkin

Harkin Roofing Limited


INTAKS scaffolding’s light weight means less staff fatigue

“We’ve been using INTAKS scaffolding since 2015. As a supplier of scaffolding and edge protection systems, mainly for residential work, we find the INTAKS system saves us a lot of time and effort on a daily basis.

In the residential game, the biggest thing is to be able to put the scaffolding up and down as quickly as possible. INTAKS is fantastic for that. We can erect the scaffolding in a day, which is quicker than steel scaffolding systems and the lighter weight means we get less staff fatigue.

We also love the fact that INTAKS scaffolding is so versatile. There are so many different ways you can set it up, to suit all the different trades people working on the building.”

Jono Rush

Pro Platform Limited


INTAKS lightweight, versatile scaffolding ideal for residential construction

“At Scaffold Systems, we’ve been using INTAKS’ scaffolding since our company started in 2014. We use it for residential building projects throughout the Bay of Plenty and the builders love it because it’s so versatile. It’s easy to put up and can be adapted quickly to suit a range of tradesmen and subbies. For example, we can erect the scaffolding and put planks up to do the roof trusses, then we can remove the planks, so the guys can come and do the facia and other jobs lower down.

We find INTAKS to be true professionals when it comes to service, their knowledge of their products and their great support.”

Katrina Wilson

Scaffold Systems NZ Limited


Support and communication make INTAKS stand out

“I’ve been working in an office environment sitting behind a desk for almost 18 years now and I wanted a change in career.
I decided to go with the INTAKS gear because it’s made of aluminium, it’s light, it’s easy to handle and it’s easy to assemble.

As well, [they provide] training and their trainers come on site as well to train staff which is really good and above and beyond for me.

For me INTAKS was the best option because of the support, the gear, the way they communicate with you and also because of the training they provide”

See Nitesh’s video here.


Tihi Scaffolding Limited


As good as the world's best

“As a scaffolding and roof protection company, we often face difficult challenges. Thanks to the great support we get from the INTAKS business team, we can confidently meet our customers’ demands and take on projects that would otherwise test our nerves.

INTAKS are continually developing new, innovative products and their overnight supply has given us the ability to do more with less. At the end of the day, our teams are in better shape and they can keep up a fast pace, without the risks that come from working with heavier gear.

There’s pride too, knowing we are working with a New Zealand designed and made system, which in our minds is every bit as good as the world’s best.”

Steele Mildwaters

Fall Stop Scaffold Limited