Over the last 10 years, the INTAKS® Scaffold & Edge Protection System has been proven on thousands of jobs.

The INTAKS® System was designed by Lew Cleveland, who owned a New Zealand scaffold and edge protection supply and fit company that focused on the residential and roofing markets.

He wasn’t entirely happy with the equipment he had to work with – too many parts, too heavy, and often a cause of headaches on site. He thought he could do better.

Design and experimentation began in the 1990s. Fast forward to 2012, and the system was certified for compliance with the AS/NZS standards for working platforms and roof edge protection. In the following years, the system also won a number of industry awards.

Now, another ten years later and counting, the INTAKS system is used daily on hundreds of jobs to provide builders, tradies and others with a safe and efficient height access solution.

Tested in real life

Why did it take around 15 years to develop INTAKS? Because a lot of thought, and trial and error, went into getting it right. Practical experience from working on site has been incorporated into the system, with key design features throughout that make operations easier and keep costs lower.

Given this background, you can be confident that INTAKS has been designed and engineered for, and tested in, real life environments.

And always looking for ways to be better

Even though INTAKS has been exposed to the rigours of the market for over a decade, innovation is ongoing. We are always looking for ways to be better, whether this means new or improved components, or more efficient ways for our customers to manage their businesses.

New components are rigorously tested in the workshop and on-site. Then sign-off by an independent engineer is obtained before the new component is made available to customers. This design / test / sign-off process ensures ongoing system compliance with all relevant Australian and New Zealand standards.

With the INTAKS® System, our customers have a competitive advantage that sets them up for success. They can get the same job done, in less time, with fewer labour and transport resources. We also provide training and support, whether a customer is a new business start-up, or a long-time member of the INTAKS community.

Read through our testimonials and case studies to get a feel for what our customers think about INTAKS.

Your time, your freedom

Spend less time juggling large inventory or doing technical drawings and use your energy where it is most rewarding.  

Focus on your customer relationships and needs, care for your staff, and plan the continued growth and success of your business.