Ongoing support


We help you focus on achieving your goals

Support from INTAKS is not just something we offer to new customers, it’s ongoing for all customers.

Whatever you need to discuss, we’re here to help.

If you’re setting up/ franchising a scaffolding business, we’ll help as you work out your objectives and business plan. We provide ideas around premises, trucks, staff, accounting software, and the types of customers to target when you first get started.

Whenever you have questions about staff, clients, potential clients, or a particular job and are undecided on what to do, we are here to help. We also check in to see how everything is going – sometimes it’s good to just have chat.


With support backed by years of practical experience

The team collectively has plenty of experience in running a scaffold business, from small to larger businesses. All our scaffolding training in NZ and support is backed by years of practical experience and knowledge of what does and doesn’t work. We’ve had the pleasure of facing all the challenging aspects involved in the day-to-day life of a scaffold business.

Having a good understanding of the business, and talking regularly to our INTAKS customers, we have learned that the daily issues – be they good or bad – are universal.

Sometimes just talking, and knowing that we are on your side in helping to build your business and achieve your goals, is a big part of what we do.

Your time, your freedom

Spend less time juggling large inventory or doing technical drawings and use your energy where it is most rewarding.  

Focus on your customer relationships and needs, care for your staff, and plan the continued growth and success of your business.