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Do more with less

As there are no fixed bay dimensions, you do not need to hold a vast catalogue of components and inventory to facilitate different designs.  Only a few key components are needed to build an INTAKS scaffold or walkway, and these parts can be used in a variety of configurations. Sleeving and telescopic standards provide a broad range of operation and pin spaces allow you to set handrails at the right height every time.


Complete solution creativity

INTAKS’ unique product design provides scaffolding and walkway solutions that are free from the constraints of fixed bay sizes. The interlocking planks secure independent of the frames, allowing you to set up supporting frames at spaces to suit the construction site rather than compromising fixed bay sizes and accessibility.

Build the working platform at the right length to suit each run, and completely independently set up standards to provide unmatched access underneath and through the scaffold for best use.

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Not just scaffold

Edge protection including residential application, commercial application, and even maintenance and soffit prop setups can be built with or independent to your INTAKS scaffold.


Lighter and stronger

Our patented interlocking plank system provides strength and rigidity unlike any other.  And with all main components manufactured from aluminium an INTAKS scaffold solution is typically up to 3 times lighter than a comparably built conventional steel scaffold.

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Fast and easy solutions by design

With the freedom of working without fixed bay sizes you can spend less time planning complex build solutions. You don’t need to plan and calculate which bay fits in what space and how to add up a variety of bays to complete a run.

Simply work out your overall plank length and build it.  Base up and build as few frames as you need, up to 3.6m spans without any additional support.

Build even larger spans with trussed braces and without any ladder beams or special hardware.


Tried and tested

Have confidence with your purchase, knowing all components and configuration designs of INTAKS’ systems are tested to meet the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards.  

As there are so few moving parts you can also be certain there is little to no servicing and maintenance needed to keep your gear working for you.

Your time, your freedom

Spend less time juggling large inventory or doing technical drawings and use your energy where it is most rewarding.  

Focus on your customer relationships and needs, care for your staff, and plan the continued growth and success of your business.

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