NZ Made—Boosting our economy, benefiting you and your customers

The medium-term impacts of Covid 19 across the global economy are starting to become more apparent on a daily basis. Initial market uncertainty, along with shut downs and limited production of large manufacturing facilities across the globe has resulted in significant delays in getting almost every product.

The flow on effects of this are quite bizarre.  Stock shortages of appliances and other building materials, is holding up builders from being able to finish new build homes. Car manufacturers are limiting production and customers are facing lengthy delays in getting their vehicles, because the car manufacturers can’t get their hands on enough microchips to finish their cars.  Global shipping is in such high demand that everything is delayed.  What used to take a few weeks to move stock from one end of the world to the other, is now taking several months (or longer), and the delays are getting worse.

These delays create a lot of pressure on companies that are hugely reliant on imported products.  In the scaffolding market, we constantly hear stories about scaffolding companies either not bidding for, or walking away from contracts, because they simply cannot source the required equipment, to fulfil the project.

Like any good business, providing reliable service is paramount.  Failure to delivery in a timely manner can have major consequences.

This is why having all of our proprietary components 100% NZ Made, is so important to INTAKS.

Yes, buying NZ Made means money stays in New Zealand. It keeps Kiwis employed.  It’s a great story for your customers.  It does all of those wonderful ‘feel good’ things.

More importantly, being NZ Made means we have a faster turnaround on delivering gear to our customers when they (and in-turn their customers) need it. Our gear isn’t as prone to foreign shipping delays or foreign factors influencing our price to you.  This means our gear is more readily available, giving our customers comfort in being able to source the equipment they need, when they need it, so they can serve their customers better.