Guide to Choosing the Right Scaffold Supplier

Choosing the right scaffold supplier is important when you and your team are gearing up towards a new job, and a reliable and skilled supplier can help ensure your project’s success.

With years of experience under our belts, we understand the importance of finding someone you can trust to enable your team to do their best work. That’s why, to help you nail your decision, we’ve assembled three essential steps for every project manager to work through before choosing the right scaffold supplier.

Our first tip here is to be certain you are giving yourself the best chance of success; you should always choose a scaffold supplier that uses the INTAKS scaffold and edge protection system.

Evaluate Their Scaffolding System

Everything begins with ensuring your potential scaffold supplier has a system that suits your needs. A supplier with a wide variety of configuration options in their range will indicate a versatile, experienced provider who will be on deck to help you stay up to code.

If you decide to buy your scaffolding, selecting a versatile system to support your current project and any that come up after that is essential. A well-designed, multi-configurable system is a major asset, especially if you’re promoting fast assembly as part of your service. 

If you’re renting your scaffolding, check in on the supplier’s maintenance practices to ensure the system is well cared for and ready to go on a moment’s notice. Poorly maintained scaffolding is liable to put your crew in a tough spot safety-wise. 

Some questions to ask about the system:

  • How easy is it to assemble and pack down?
  • What are the upfront and ongoing costs?
  • How versatile is the system?
  • Will your crew need to upskill?
  • How durable is it up against New Zealand’s shifting weather?

Do Your Research

As with any project decision, the first vital step is to do your research. To help you move forward, we have done some for you to give you an idea of what you should be considering.


You should lean towards a scaffold supplier with experience. When a supplier has years under their belt supplying multiple industries, then they should have a proven track record of practical experience that will translate into the best results for you. 

Ask how long your potential supplier has been in business and how many years they have spent developing and improving their own scaffolding stock. 

Social Proof

Finding social proof is one of the most important parts of doing your research. Customer reviews, product ratings, and even industry awards are extremely helpful when comparing potential suppliers.

Source recommendations from other crews in the business when and where you can. Not only does this tell you if the scaffolding is high-quality, but it also tells you more about how the scaffold supplier interacts with their customers. 

How well do they handle complaints? How proactive are they when you need assistance? How unique is their system?


Unscrupulous suppliers may attempt to overcharge you if you aren’t aware of current industry rates. Whether you’re renting or buying your scaffolding, it’s important to consider how much they’re charging in relation to other suppliers and how that measures up to the rest of your operating costs. 

How much is the upfront cost of renting or purchasing the scaffolding? How does that compare to the amount you’ve quoted for the completion of the project? What’s the likelihood that your project will run over scope or run long?

Connect with INTAKS

At the end of the day, nothing is better than talking to an industry professional about your needs. The best way to ensure you’re receiving good value for your investment is to connect with a crew that is willing to chat through your options and offer contemporary solutions that will add real value to your business. 

At INTAKS, we encourage all our potential customers to ask questions, and we supply products to scaffolding teams across the country – so we understand that when you are looking at working with teams across multiple industries, you need to be offering the best solutions to your own customers.

Some questions to ask your potential suppliers:

  • How long have you been supplying scaffolding and edge protection?
  • What do you recommend for the care and maintenance of the systems?
  • How much do you charge?
  • How well does the system stand up against harsh conditions?
  • What are some successful similar projects you’ve recently supplied?

When push comes to shove, the best scaffold supplier NZ-wide is the one that suits your company’s unique needs. Price, project length, experience, support: each factor is just as important as the other, so the most worthwhile thing you can do is research your choice upfront to ensure a great result. 

New Zealand’s award-winning scaffold supplier on your side. 

Ready to find the right scaffolding to supply your customers with contemporary solutions? We’re proud to have developed an award-winning aluminium scaffolding system with a proven track record of enabling Kiwi crews to do their best work.

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