Better efficiency is good for the environment

The fact that the INTAKS® Scaffolding and Edge Protection system makes it easier for trades to work on site, means they can often get their work completed with fewer trips to and from site.

Multiplied over many projects, this enhanced efficiency adds up to a big reduction in carbon emissions. Another reason why INTAKS is a sensible choice.
INTAKS® Environmental

Less CO2 – Fewer Emissions

Lighter gear, more efficiently packed down, means you can often fit the gear you need for a job on one truck, not two. Fewer vehicles means less CO2 and fewer emissions.

It also means fewer staff, less maintenance, less cost, and more efficiency.

INTAKS® Environmental

Low Carbon Aluminium

INTAKS‘ scaffolding and edge protection systems’ primary raw material is aluminium, and a significant percentage of it is recycled.

Even better, our recycled aluminium has less than half the global average of CO2 per kg, cradle to grave.