Soffit Prop

A versatile and light roof-edge protection system. Adaptable to different soffit depths and gutter profiles. Safe work method for installation. Easy to carry. Largely tool-less installation. Watch the video to see how quickly it fits together.

Installation process

The install process is straightforward and easy to repeat:

  1. Place out Soleboards and Screwjacks at planned intervals where Standards are to be installed.
  2. Configure Extenders, Standards, Handrail Posts, Platform Arm Bracket, Platform Brace Bracket and Wall Foot into one unit using the tool-less Lock Pin & R-Clip mechanism.
  3. Adjust position of Wall Foot so when lifted into place it will have contact with structural members of the soffit.
  4. Slide configured Standard over the Screwjack and pivot upwards so the Wall Foot (covered with a strip of carpet or butynol) sits underneath the structural member of the soffit.
  5. Tighten Screwjack until a positive connection with the soffit is achieved.
  6. Install Handrails using advance guardrail method and secure to Handrail Posts using the tool-less Spring Clip mechanism.
  7. Put an access platform in place.
  8. Complete final checks and hand over to site manager.
  9. Dismantle process is the reverse to installation.


Components are sturdy, robust, quickly assembled, and can be used with other configurations.

For handrails:

  • Handrail Tube (part #HR4 to HR#6)
  • Handrail Joiners/External Sleeve Couplers (part #1165/#SES)
  • Fixed 90° Couplers (part #SFC) and/or Swivel Couplers (part #SSC) – for joining handrails at corners

For each post:

  • 1 x Handrail Post/Swivel Handrail Post (part #1101/#1102)
  • 1 x Platform Arm Bracket (part #1076)
  • 1 x Platform Brace Bracket (part #1111)
  • 1 x Wall Foot (part #1130)
  • 2 x Standards/Standard Arms (part #1172 to #1181)
  • 1 x Extender (part #1160)
  • 1 x Screwjack (part #SSJ450/#SSJ620)
  • 1 x Soleboard (part #ISB)
  • 7 x Lock Pins (part #1182)
  • 7 x R-Clips (part #1900)

Note: exact components required will vary depending on set-up and site specific requirements

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