Floor Clamp

Floor Clamps allow edge protection to be installed on floor overhangs and balconies. Ease of installation is complemented by the neat and tidy on-site appearance.

Installation process

Easy to understand and follow installation process:

  1. Brackets, Standard Arm and Handrail Post pre-assembled on the ground. No tools required.
  2. Pre-assembled unit and packers positioned on the floor slab. Clamped into position by tightening Threaded Rod.
  3. Handrails secured to Handrail Posts using tool-less Spring Clip mechanism.
  4. Complete final checks and handover to site manager.
  5. Dismantle process is the reverse to installation.


Components are sturdy, robust, quickly assembled, and can be used with other configurations.

For handrail:

  • Handrail Tube (part #HR4 to HR#6)
  • Handrail Joiners/External Sleeve Couplers (part #1165/#SES)
  • Fixed 90° Couplers (part #SFC) and/or Swivel Couplers (part #SSC) – for joining handrails at corners

For each post:

  • 1 x Handrail Post/Swivel Handrail Post (part #1101/#1102)
  • 1 x Boot Bracket (part #1148)
  • 2 x Lock Pins (part #1182)
  • 2 x R-Clips (part #1900)

Note: exact components required will vary depending on set-up and site-specific requirements. 25mm timber packer (not supplied) can be used to prevent deflection, if required.

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