Comprehensive Guidelines


Use the INTAKS® Guidelines to get the most out of the system

The INTAKS® Guidelines provide clear detailed technical guidance for installation and use of the system, including maximum permitted bay lengths, heights and safe working loads. Labelled colour diagrams help clearly communicate technical information.

Where you have specific questions you can’t find an answer to in the Guidelines, give us a call. We sometimes work with our customers on one-off projects that require an engineer’s input. The INTAKS® system is highly versatile, and we relish the challenge of working out a solution.

We also have an on-line photo-book that can be accessed here. This contains a range of photos for reference purposes (but images should not be relied on for installation).

Your time, your freedom

Spend less time juggling large inventory or doing technical drawings and use your energy where it is most rewarding.  

Focus on your customer relationships and needs, care for your staff, and plan the continued growth and success of your business.