Buying vs. Renting: A Guide to Choosing Scaffolding for NZ Projects

Deciding to choose high-quality scaffolding should be a given for any construction project, but how should you source it? Buying or renting your aluminium scaffolding in NZ is a balancing act, demanding project managers weigh several factors against their choice. 

Consider your storage capacity, the safety of your team, your carbon footprint, and cost efficiency as factors that will be important for the smooth running of your project. And an eye for aesthetics doesn’t hurt, either!

You may be weighing up whether you should start buying scaffolding stock for your business or whether you are going to treat each job as a one-off consideration and hire a scaffolding company to put up the scaffold for you. Either way, ensuring that you connect with a scaffolding supplier using the INTAKS system should be your first consideration.

In this article, we’re reviewing the pros and cons of buying or renting your scaffolding. However, if you want to start your own scaffold supply business, contact our team now to learn about our start-up support system. 

Renting Scaffolding – Pros and Cons

Short Jobs or Occasional Usage

If you have a quick and simple project lined up with a low likelihood of scope changes or timeframe extensions, then renting scaffolding might be for you. 

Renting is also good if you don’t need to use scaffolding across all of your jobs. In this case, buying scaffolding might present a cost that you can’t offset with regular work for a few years. So, make sure to consider how often you’ll actually need scaffolding.

Install and Dismantle

If you decide to buy your own scaffolding, you are going to need a crew to put it up and take it down. On simple jobs, this may be quite easy and straightforward. 

But if you are doing more complex projects or ones where the scaffold is more than 5 metres off the ground, you’re going to need more specialised skills in your team. This is vital to ensure the scaffold is erected safely and competently. 

In either case, buying or renting scaffolds from an INTAKS-supplied company will always be a better choice, as the INTAKS system offers lightweight construction and superior configuration options. 

Transport and  Storage

If you’re currently growing your crew or company, it can pay to rent your scaffolding while you wait to upscale, as this comes with expanded storage options and secure storage space. 

Buying an extra vehicle to transport the scaffold efficiently and renting additional storage space can run up the cost of purchasing scaffolding outright. So, it’s important to balance your financial resources, available vehicles and space, and the amount of work you’re receiving that requires scaffolding. 

To reduce the need for large trucks to transport the scaffold or large storage space, we recommend looking into a product that has multiple applications for increased versatility.

Cash Flow Considerations

Finally, how much upfront capital do you have, and how likely are you to see returns from investing in your own scaffolding? Having your own scaffolding may increase your project margins, but you have to be sure you can return the investment cost with regular work without putting the books into the red. 

As with all big business decisions, this is a balancing act. If you’re unsure, renting a scaffold is probably the way to go. If you rent, you also don’t have to worry about getting your staff to install and dismantle the scaffolding – the scaffolding company will take care of this for you on-site.

Notwithstanding this, a core disadvantage of renting scaffolding in NZ is battling unexpected events. Bad weather, supply chain delays or even project scope changes can extend the amount of time you’ll need scaffolding. 

This translates into a sharp increase in unexpected hiring costs, which could leave you with a blown-out schedule. Make sure that your contract with the end customer allows you to pass these costs on so that you don’t end up with less profit on the project.

Buying Scaffolding – Pros and Cons

Always Available

Unfortunately, while hiring scaffolding can help you for short-term work, it also puts you at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. 

Buying your own scaffolding guarantees that you’ll always have access to the quality system you need for your construction project. With no delays or additional costs, if the project runs long, this is a massive benefit of buying upfront. 

Alternatively, do your research and find a scaffold company that prides itself on great customer service. When you rent the scaffold from them, ensure you provide good and timely communications about any delays so they can adjust their schedule to fit your needs.

Scale with No Additional Cost

While buying your scaffolding constitutes a larger upfront cost, it can work out cheaper than repeatedly renting equipment for every project. With an appropriately versatile system, you can apply your scaffolding to various projects without increasing project costs. 

But make sure that you take into account the real but not-so-obvious costs associated with owning scaffolding. In particular, the labour costs to install and dismantle the scaffold and transport and storage costs come with ownership.

Always Safe

Whether you rent or own the scaffold, it’s essential that the equipment is safe and secure for the end users. If the scaffolding company you engage works with the INTAKS system and has the appropriate checks in place to sign off the scaffold, you should be able to trust that their work will be safe. 

To that end, if you decide to buy scaffolding, you need to ensure processes are in place to check the quality of your team’s work. You need it to be up to standard every single time: safe, strong, and compliant.  

The first step with compliance is to make sure you buy a versatile, rigorously compliant scaffolding system that can keep your team secure. With the right scaffolding system in play, you can balance the versatility of use with the upfront cost and come out on top. 

INTAKS Supplies the Scaffold Industry

At INTAKS, we’ve designed a proprietary system that cuts down on installation time, costs, and personnel needs without compromising on quality. 

Our patented multi-configurable, award-winning system is revolutionising scaffolding in NZ. We can help your crew keep their energy levels up with our light but strong scaffolding system. 

Because our scaffold is easy to put up and take down, your team will be safer and more productive – and that adds up to money saved.

Ready To Take Your Business to the Next Level?

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