Edge Protection

Access Versatile Solutions

Choose INTAKS® for versatile safety solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Discover edge protection options that are easy to install, quick to dismantle, and work 
harder to keep your crew safe.

Our innovative Edge Protection solutions will allow your team to complete their tasks in better time as they can relax and move freely. Ease of movement translates to a safer work environment, enhanced productivity and an increase in your profit potential.

Innovative Safety Components

INTAKS® Edge Protection is designed to work individually or complement your INTAKS® aluminium scaffold set-up. This allows you to integrate a range of components easily.

Utilise our Edge Protection range for all your residential, industrial and commercial building construction site requirements and accelerate safety by targeting unique situations with customised solutions.


INTAKS® Edge Protection

Put our Edge Protection system to work as a standalone install or combine it with our aluminium scaffolding for streamlined safety.

INTAKS® ramps up versatility with our unique approach. You can build your stock as your business grows, access multiple configurations for componentry and flex your setup across projects as required.

Access INTAKS® Innovations

Experience smart, targeted solutions that work towards:

Ramping up productivity

More fluid work processes

Reduced time across installation and pack-down

Enhanced on-site Health & Safety

Better Safety Solutions

Get in touch now to accelerate productivity and access more streamlined work processes. Choose the perfect INTAKS® combination of scaffold and Edge Protection and let your team know you see their value.

Get the work done safe and fast – get it done with INTAKS.