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What Makes INTAKS NZ’s Best Edge Protection System

From ground-breaking design to an ongoing commitment to safety, INTAKS has made a name for itself as NZ’s leader in scaffolding and edge protection. We wanted to delve a little deeper into what exactly it is that makes our edge protection system the best.


Scaffolding as a Start-Up Business

Have you always wanted to start your own business? There are many excellent reasons to do this from being your own boss, to increasing the amount of money you can earn, or building a valuable business for re-sale. We have one of the most exciting business opportunities in construction in New Zealand today. If you’re interested in taking control of your career and starting your own business in the building industry read on.

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Edge Protection

From new commercial buildings to renovations to factory shutdowns, edge protection plays a big role in many commercial businesses. The edge protection suppliers you work with can be the difference between a job running smoothly or one going terribly wrong – so it’s important to choose carefully.

Is a Shift in Your Career Part of Your New Year’s Resolution?

The start of a new year is the ideal time to reflect on your career and what kind of future you would like to build for yourself and your family. Perhaps you’re now wanting to run your own business and become your own boss.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Edge Protection System

Regardless of height, working on a roof has inherent dangers, even when you are being as careful as possible. In fact, In New Zealand, over two-thirds of falls are from ladders and roofs and regulation in our country has changed in recent years to reflect this statistic.

Industry Trends – November 2021

We take a look at a number of industry metrics, and drill into what this means for your scaffolding & edge protection business.

New, Improved Training Facility

Work has begun on our new, improved training facility, located in our previous warehouse in Hynds Road, Tauranga.

Tough Guys Need New Hips

“There will always be some guys who just want to lug steel”.

INTAKS Scaffold System Improves Efficiency for Trades

The INTAKS system is a high quality and award-winning scaffold and edge protection system designed, engineered, tested and manufactured in New Zealand. When it comes to scaffolding, it’s imperative to choose the best quality and most effective system for your specific construction needs.

Never Give Away Your Core Product

Discounting off core product is prevalent across many industries, and scaffolding is no different. Of course, you should always appreciate your customers, but “free” can be more expensive than you think.