Aluminium Scaffolding

Multiple Applications

If you need lightweight, durable aluminium scaffolding for your specialised access project or your residential or commercial worksite, the INTAKS® System offers a premium solution.

Applying a smart design ethos that allows you to build up your stock over time, our products weigh in at about a third of most steel scaffolding and offer multiple configuration options.

Quick to install and easy to transport, this system creates optimum access for renovations, new builds, and solar installations – and it’s perfect for maintenance work across guttering, rooves, high-level facades, and anywhere else you need elevated exterior access.

Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs

Because our aluminium scaffolding is light and goes up fast, it works to reduce fatigue for your crew. This can translate to increased productivity, better workplace safety records and a happier team. If you know your site is safe, it leaves you free to focus on growing your business. Our lightweight system also helps you burn less fuel on transport, enabling you to hit sustainable practice goals and reduce your carbon footprint.

Smart Scaffolding Solutions

Offering extraordinary manoeuvrability and a significant weight reduction compared to steel scaffolds, our system allows you to build your stock as you work across different jobs with varying requirements. Our system provides flexible installation opportunities where you can mix and match your freestanding or attached scaffold according to your shifting needs.

Experience INTAKS Innovation

Access Smart Scaffold Solutions:

Better truck fuel consumption rates

Elevated Productivity

Reduced manpower requirements for installation & takedown

Tidier, more streamlined workspaces

Safer sites, better health, & safety records

Reduced fatigue for your team

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