Tilt Slab Access Platform

Access platforms can be quickly installed on the side of your tilt slab or concrete building. No need for scaffolding to the ground. Uses little to no ground space, leaves access points clear. And fewer hazards.

Installation process

Depending on application, design may require engineer sign-off to ensure suitability of structure for intended purpose. We can assist where this is required.

Installation on tilt slab buildings typically involves:

  1. Use of an EWP so installer can bolt brackets to the wall.
  2. Pre-assembly of modular support frames on the ground.
  3. Support frames raised in EWP and slotted and pinned into brackets.
  4. Installation of planks.
  5. Installation of handrails and toeboards.
  6. Installation of access points.
  7. Completion of final checks and handover to site manager.

Actual installation process will depend on set-up and site specific requirements.


Components required will vary depending on set-up and site specific requirements. 

Scaffold / edge protection equipment & solutions

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