Aluminium Scaffolding NZ-Wide

A Wide Range of Applications

The INTAKS® System offers Aluminium Scaffolding in NZ as a lightweight, durable option for all your exterior jobs. Aluminium is about a third of the weight of most steel scaffolds, and this system is easier to transport and faster to install.

An excellent choice for commercial or residential work sites or specialised access projects, INTAKS® is vital for high-level new build projects, renovation, and maintenance across facades, roofs, gutters – and solar installations.

Reduced Costs & Better Productivity

If you are looking for ways to reduce workplace injuries, costs – and your carbon footprint – while raising productivity and staff morale, you’ve come to the right place.

INTAKS® can take care of your scaffold supply needs so you can relax knowing your staff is protected, your site is safe, and you can focus on growing your business.


Our Scaffolding Solutions

Offering a wide range of benefits, including exceptional manoeuvrability, the contrast in weight means our scaffolds can be erected with less effort and less time. 

With INTAKS®, you can utilise the same components across multiple jobs, build your stock over time and flex your installation across freestanding and attached scaffold installations.

Experience the INTAKS difference

Experience innovative lightweight solutions that offer:

Less manpower to install

Better Health & Safety specs

Increased productivity

Enhanced site aesthetics

Less energy drain on your team

Lower truck fuel consumption

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The INTAKS team are Scaffolding specialists, and our unique approach will save you time and money.

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