Is a Shift in Your Career Part of Your New Year’s Resolution?

The start of a new year is the ideal time to reflect on your career and what kind of future you would like to build for yourself and your family. Perhaps you’re now wanting to run your own business and become your own boss.

If you have experience in management, sales or construction and are looking for the next chapter we have a business opportunity for you. Building a business utilising the INTAKS scaffolding and edge protection system may be your next step. We have seen many people who have been made redundant due to the pandemic move into the building sector and have taken up the opportunity to build their own profitable business. Read on to find out more.

Ready to run your own business?

If you’re ready for a career shift and want to run your own business in the building industry, you’re in the right place. INTAKS offers a start-up opportunity in scaffolding and edge protection installation. Scaffolding and edge protection is an area of the building sector where you can build and own a profitable and competitive business with the ability to grow to the size you want. There are both residential and commercial applications, and the easy to use INTAKS system, and you can design your business suited to your needs and goals, with support of the INTAKS team.

What are the benefits of running a scaffolding business?

By starting up and running your own scaffolding and edge protection business you can make good money, be your own boss, create your own flexible working hours, and do a job that you enjoy that won’t negatively affect your body or health. You will get satisfaction from building your own business, have more time for your family and recreation, and build up wealth for when you retire.

How does running a business with INTAKS work?

When starting and running a scaffolding and edge-protection business it’s imperative to use the best quality and most effective equipment and systems. The award-winning INTAKS system is highly innovative and has been developed and manufactured right here in New Zealand. The INTAKS scaffold and edge protection system helps to permanently reduce your biggest overheads – labour and transport costs – and reduce the management burden.

Why choose INTAKS?

The INTAKS scaffolding and edge protection systems is proudly designed, manufactured, engineered, and tested in New Zealand. It has won multiple awards for innovation, design and safety. Most importantly, it is fit for purpose, versatile and quick and easy to install, and leave minimal impact on site. This means trades can work quickly and easily around them, reducing costs and delays and keeping everyone safe.

Ready to start your new business?

Get in touch with INTAKS today and find out how to start your new scaffolding business today. Our expert team is on hand to provide assistance and advice on all areas of your future business. From operations to staff management, marketing and everything in between.