INTAKS Scaffold System Improves Efficiency for Trades

The INTAKS system is a high quality and award-winning scaffold and edge protection system designed, engineered, tested and manufactured in New Zealand. When it comes to scaffolding, it’s imperative to choose the best quality and most effective system for your specific construction needs.

The scaffolding system includes various options that are fit for purpose, versatile, quick and easy to install and have a minimal footprint on site. Trades can work efficiently with fewer obstacles around them. This reduces costs and delays while keeping end-users safe. Read on to find out why and how the INTAKS system improves efficiency for trades.

Designed by Experts

Designed by a Kiwi who also owned a scaffold and edge protection service company, the INTAKS system has been designed with practical daily usage in mind. With hands-on experience of what is required and needed to make scaffolding effective, the award-winning design was innovated around the daily use of the system, ensuring it’s optimal usage. The practical experience is incorporated into the best possible innovative system design, with key features created throughout that makes operations easier and keeps costs lower.

Quick and Easy to Install

One of the key benefits of the INTAKS system is that it is quick and easy to install. It is designed with a fast and easy install and dismantle process so there’s less time waiting around for scaffolders. This allows you to meet tight build schedules with multiple effective and compliant solutions that don’t get in the way of other contractors on site. The INTAKS system installs in record time in hours not days, increasing your bottom line.

Versatile with Endless Applications

There’s a wide range of purpose-designed configurations to solve your toughest challenge. Configurations are available to fit your building needs for residential, light commercial, commercial and high rise and specialised access projects that offer multiple options and endless applications. With INTAKS, a common set of individual components can be combined in multiple ways, providing versatility together with speed of build. With both freestanding and attached scaffolding options, it allows you to select the configuration best suited to your next build.

Highly Safe and Strong

Health and safety are always a priority on building and construction sites, and rest assured you’ll be choosing the best option with INTAKS which has won various awards for its original safety design and features. Components have been developed that allow the installer to stay in a safe position, eliminate or isolate hazards, and prevent falls from heights. The system is incredibly strong, adding to safety, but also light which assists with speed of installation.

Reduces Costs

The INTAKS system has been designed to dramatically improve building productivity and bring big efficiencies to your work site. Time equals money, so the quick and easy installation, adjustment and dismantling process reduces costs as less time is spent installing or working around the system. With few obstacles in the way, efficiency is greatly improved for trades.

Companies buy the INTAKS scaffolding and edge protection system because it is fast, versatile and improves their bottom line. Want to find out more about INTAKS scaffolding gear that will make your business thrive by optimising efficiency? Contact us today.