Edge Protection Solutions NZ-Wide

Versatility, Simplicity and Protection

For superior safety solutions suitable for commercial, residential and industrial projects, choose INTAKS®. This is protection that is versatile, simple to install and fast to dismantle; when it comes to safety, INTAKS® has you covered.

Using contemporary Edge Protection will enhance productivity on your sites as workers can move more freely and complete their tasks in better time – this translates to a healthier work environment and enhanced profit potential.

Smart Safety Options

INTAKS® has a range of components available that are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

You can choose your Edge Protection to complement your scaffolding set-up, then add components to enhance safety depending on your unique requirements.


Our Edge Protection Solutions

The beauty of the INTAKS® system lies in its versatility. You can build your stock as you move through your projects, reuse components in multiple configurations, and flex and grow as required. 

Use your Edge Protection system as a single install or combine it with our aluminium scaffolding for an enhanced safety approach.

Access INTAKS® innovations

Experience smart, targeted solutions that work towards:

Enhanced Health & Safety on site

Faster, more energetic crews

Quick Edge Protection install and pack down

Accelerated productivity

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Contact us now to learn how to speed up your work processes, accelerate productivity and keep your team safe with the perfect INTAKS® combination of scaffold and Edge Protection in NZ.

Get the job done right – get it done with INTAKS.