Innovative time saving and safety enhancing product features

Good design makes a huge difference to how we get work done.

At INTAKS, a lot of effort has gone into developing the most efficient and safe scaffold and edge protection system possible, as shown by the Awards we have received.

We continue to put good design at the heart of all product development, whether it is a new component, an improved component, or a better sequence of putting the components together.

INTAKS® Design

At Home in Australasia

The INTAKS® System is a patented, strong, light, and multi-configurable scaffolding and edge protection system.

Proudly designed, engineered, and tested in New Zealand for the Australasian market.

INTAKS® Design

Handrails Secured with Spring Clips

INTAKS Handrail Spring Clips quickly lock directly onto the handrail tube – for safer, completely tool-less handrail installation, adjustment, and removal that’s many times faster than the traditional method.

INTAKS® Design

Interlocking Planks Unlock Options on Site

INTAKS Interlocking Planks have a massive 4.8m span at medium duty (4.3m at heavy duty), are around 20% lighter than dry timber planks, are extremely strong, and can be easily joined mid-span. The planks interlock end-to-end and side-to-side, creating a uniform, level platform and reducing trip hazards.

INTAKS® Design

Light, Strong & Durable Aluminium

The INTAKS Scaffold and Edge Protection System is primarily manufactured from incredibly strong but light and durable aluminium. Easy handling, no rust. INTAKS requires less time and truck tonnage to install and remove: lower costs = better for your business.

INTAKS® Design

R-Clips Designed for Scaffolders’ Hands

We want to make it easy for scaffold installers to do their job. We know that often they are big guys. So we purposely designed our R-Clips with a large bend that makes it easy for fingers to grab hold of, even with gloves on.

INTAKS® Design

Toeboards in a Snap

INTAKS Toeboards snap onto both plank and floor mounted toeboard clips. Now toeboard installation on your scaffold is completely tool-less. Toeboards can be placed anywhere they’re needed without being limited by bay size.

INTAKS® Design

Tool-less Handrail Joiners

INTAKS Handrail joiners are slip-on and tool-less. Requiring no tightening, they eliminate the need (and time) to come back and tighten hardware. Sight-holes allow visual inspection of correct installation.

INTAKS® Design

Transoms for Speed, Strength and Stability

Thoughtfully designed INTAKS transoms make building freestanding scaffolds a breeze. With a slotted connection that locks in for strength and stability, gear can quickly be put in place and easily adjusted when needed.

INTAKS® Design

Versatile Brackets

The INTAKS Scaffold and Edge Protection System features a range of brackets that can be used in a variety of applications – such as creating cantilevered platforms. Like every INTAKS component, our versatile brackets are designed, engineered and rigorously tested for superior strength and load weights.